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A synthesis of passions, needs, enthusiasms and prestigious cooperation

The idea behind the Marco Polo Sporting Center is a synthesis of ancient passions, constant demands, new enthusiasms and prestigious cooperation.

The ancient passions are drawn from Giovanni Tonon who, in his love for soccer and as patron of Gruppo Tonon Spa, created theMarco Polo Sporting Center.

The constant demands for soccer camps are those of Vittorio Veneto and the surrounding area, a land long considered the breeding ground for young soccer players but which has had a dearth of soccer camps.

The new enthusiasms are those of Pietro Marchioni and Flavio Frassinelli.

Since 2000 Pietro Marchioni has managed the Milan Junior Camp, the summer holiday soccer camp operated by A.C.Milan S.p.A. through the Sporteventi Association.

It was Flavio Frassinelli, on the other hand, who designed theMarco Polo Sporting Center and has been Marchioni’s partner since the very outset of his relationship with the organization in Via Turati.

The prestigious cooperation is provided by the Administration and Finance Manager of the A.C.Milan S.p.A.: in fact, his presence in the organization confirms the close ties between the Marco Polo Sporting Center and A.C.Milan.